About Yamato Corporation

Yamato Corporation is a licensed and registered Japan based general contractor that is veteran owned and operates out of Okinawa. Yamato is registered in SAM and has been executing Federal contracts on US military facilities & MILCON projects in Japan for over 16 years.

Our bilingual staff is fully versed with all aspects of contract execution including requirement assessment, labor and material estimating, parts procurement, subcontracting local skills, scheduling, safety management, documentation and on-site supervision.

We operate as both a prime contractor directly under base contracting offices as well as a subcontractor serving the needs of Japanese and U.S.-based corporations needing assistance in carrying out contracts in Japan. Contact us if you're seeking solutions to make your contract go smoothly and on-schedule.

Our Services

MILCON Construction Company in Okinawa, Japan

US Military Construction MILCON

Since our inception Yamato Corporation has been directly involved in construction and procurement projects for all branches of the US military. Our clients include the US Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army contracting offices, individual military units, non-appropriated fund support organizations, as well as private companies performing contract work for the Federal government.

Equipment Installation Construction Company in Okinawa, Japan

Equipment Installation

Yamato Corporation has over a decade of experience installing equipment ranging from IT, communication and electronic equipment, to fuel tanks, HVAC and plumbing systems.

Have a look through our extensive gallery of work projects for more examples.

MILCON Construction Company & Representative in Okinawa, Japan

Local Representative for MILCON Contracts & Product Sales

Non-local companies handling construction projects face an array of logistical challenges. As your local bilingual representative Yamato Corporation can provide a variety of management solutions prior to your arrival, while your team is on-site, and after your departure.

We also offer Military Sales Representation to help your product or service expand into the Military market.

Okinawa Island Government Contracting in Okinawa, Japan

Material Sales and Import for Government Contracting Offices and Off-Island Contractors

Yamato Corporation imports and supplies materials, tools, and equipment certified to ASTM, NEMA, UL, and other specifications to meet the strict requirements of the federal contracting system.

We have provided both Japanese-made materials and those "Made in the USA" to various organizations on local US Air Force, Marine, Army, and Navy facilities for over a decade.

Waste Logisitics in Japan

Industrial & Special Waste Logistics

We can coordinate pick up, transportation and disposal of industrial waste. We have experience meeting the stringent requirements of the U.S. Military and the Japanese government.

Shooting Range Construction and Maintenance in Okinawa, Japan

Operational Range Clearance, Construction and Maintenance

Yamato Corporation offers “material documented as safe” vegetation removal for surface and subsurface clearance, and debris management. Services include target demolition and recycling, target insertion, berm sifting and construction and small arms range renovation.

Our Team.
Our Guarantee.

Yamato Corporation is a professionally skilled Okinawa-based international company. The capabilities and flexibility of our highly motivated staff and work force enable us to meet all industry standards while exceeding our clients' expectations. We have a broad range of experience as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, sheet metal workers and welders.

Our assurance on every project is to provide high quality results and timely project completion within your budget.

Yamato Corporation Team in Okinawa, Japan