Local Representative Solutions

As your local on-site representative Yamato Corporation can provide a variety of management solutions prior to your arrival - while your team is on-site - and after your departure.

For most US-based companies preparing to execute a Federal contract on one of the many US military facilities on-island, ensuring that your people are in the right place at the right time with all of the resources they need to get the job done can present many logistical problems without having a local office for planning and coordination.

We can provide for the needs of your unique situation. Call or email us to find out what we can do to solutions we can provide for you.

Advanced Preparations

Customs Paperwork

Prepare and submit customs clearance paperwork for your equipment if it arrives before your work team.

Tax Exclusions

Prepare and submit tax exclusion documents required by the Japanese government to avoid paying an import duty on the materials used on Federal contracts.


Arrange for the local delivery, off-loading, inspection, and storage of your materials and equipment at the worksite, or at a nearby storage area.


Book reservations to ensure your rental vehicles, locally leased equipment, and lodging is secured prior to your arrival.

Infrastructure Creation

Construct any preparatory infrastructure required, such as utility lines, power distribution enclosures, access roads or walkways, foundations, or other civil or military structures in advance, so your manpower can concentrate on their specialized tasks.

On-Site Assistance

Provide Professionals

Provide locally-licensed competent professionals such as surveyors, geotechnical engineers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, etc.

Bilingual Coordination

Provide bilingual coordination between Japanese subcontractors and your American construction manager.

After Service Representation


Represent your company for follow-up on-site activities.

Clear Inspections

Carry out needed re-work or corrective actions on punch card items that are discovered during final test or acceptance inspections, when your team is ready to board their return flight.


Perform modifications to your installed equipment.

Clear Documentation

Provide your engineers with testing results, photographic documentation, and on-site assessments of installed equipment.


Perform warranty maintenance, service, or inspections.

Military Sales Representative

Yamato is the Military Sales Representative for a variety of products. Click on our associates’ logos to view the solutions they offer. If you are interested in expanding your company’s product or service into the Military marketplace, contact Yamato to inquire about our Military Sales Representative services.

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